Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

job-seeker-woman part one

How are you guys? :D
Yeah, Iedul Fitri is coming. Fasting month will be passed on a few days later. Hohoo..

Ok in this part i will practise my english capability on writing. I know that my grammar is not really good, however i keep learned.

Yesterday, i have my experience on the job test. That moments realized me that language skills is very important when you apply for a job especially in multinational company such as ya say unilever, philips, etc.

Let's talk about my experience yesterday. Oh i am so tired, sleepy around, damri moving slowly, and the interviewer mandatory us to speak in english. What?

I did'nt prepare for that. I think that we only facing the psikotest and common interview but the company have their system recruitment, different from others. Ohh i was shock for that, i dislike when we must talk active in a class, i prefer to take written test. Hah!

Yes, but i try to talk active, try to speak up, raise the hand. I am not worry about the result, i know that i am failed on that selection but i've got new knowledge and new experiences from that. I did'nt got their qualification, i know that fresh graduated is able to apply but our skills in english is not enough for they company and they can't choose one of us for their new employee. Woo sadly,,

And talk about the salary, happy to say the salary on that company is really big and the career range is good and promising, you can go abroad if you like and there are free. Hah!

Did you ever heard PT. Allianz Life Indonesia? Yeah i apply for them to fill the vacancy "admin support". The company is located on Simpang Lima Bandung, CIMB Niaga Building (ex wisma lippo). The test is taken from 9 am 'till drop. I am so excited with a little stressful.

Okei then, last but not least i promise to myself that i must learn, learn, and learn to improve my languange skills.

And the competition is exist guys, no matter what is your education background (bachelor degree or diploma) even you are from good and reputable university but if you did'nt have skills, you will hard to get promising job future.

Notes :
Commonly in your CV you will write down your skills or what is it. But hey "are you hard worker, fast learning, able to work in a team or individual?" Can you give us the real sample, please?

*bingung kan bingung kan jawabnya? apalagi ketika lo disuruh jawab pake english #matee pengsaaan #NyamarJadiBuluMatanyaSyahrini*



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