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The Reliable Realist

"Tipe Realis Tepercaya"

Rendah hati dan sangat memikirkan tanggung jawab. Mereka cermat, pendiam, dan menuntut. Sifat mereka yang paling menonjol adalah dapat diandalkan dan mereka akan selalu berusaha memenuhi janji yang pernah mereka lontarkan. Tipe Realis Tepercaya adalah orang-orang yang cenderung tidak banyak bicara dan serius, mereka tidak banyak bicara namun pendengar yang baik. Kadang-kadang mereka kelihatan pendiam dan menjaga jarak bagi mereka yang belum kenal walaupun biasanya mereka memiliki kejenakaan dan semangat yang tinggi. Kekuatan mereka adalah ketelitian, rasa keadilan yang tinggi, kegigihan yang hampir menuju keras kepala, dan sikap pragmatis, penuh semangat, dan tekad. Tipe Realis Tepercaya tidak pernah ragu ketika sesuatu harus dilakukan. Mereka melakukan apa yang perlu tanpa mengumbar kata-kata.

Jenis kepribadian ini tidak hanya berharap banyak pada diri sendiri namun juga pada orang lain. Begitu tipe Realis Tepercaya menetapkan diri pada sesuatu, sulit membujuk mereka untuk berpaling. Mereka tidak suka mempertaruhkan sesuatu. Merencanakan berarti keamanan bagi tipe Realis Tepercaya, begitu juga halnya dengan keteraturan dan disiplin. Mereka tidak keberatan menghormati otoritas dan hirarki namun tidak suka mendelegasikan tugas. Mereka yakin orang lain tidak akan mengerjakannya sesungguh-sungguh mereka. Di posisi manajemen, mereka sangat berorientasi pada tugas – mereka memastikan semuanya dikerjakan dengan baik; namun demikian, mereka tidak terlalu berminat menjalin hubungan pribadi dalam lingkungan pekerjaan.

Dalam hubungan asmara, tipe Realis Tepercaya juga amat tepercaya. Sebagai pasangan, mereka dapat dipercaya dan konsisten, seimbang dan berpikir dengan akal sehat. Keamanan dan kestabilan sangat penting bagi mereka. Mereka nyaris tidak punya waktu untuk bermewah-mewah dan main-main. Siapa pun yang mendapatkan mereka sebagai teman atau pasangan dapat mengandalkan mereka seumur hidup. Namun demikian, butuh cukup banyak waktu bagi tipe Realis Tepercaya untuk memasuki suatu hubungan asmara atau pertemanan. Mereka tidak terlalu membutuhkan kontak sosial; oleh karena itu mereka sangat cermat ketika memilih pasangan dan teman dan membatasi diri dengan lingkaran kecil namun eksklusif yang sesuai dengan tuntutan tinggi mereka. Mereka cenderung menunjukkan keakraban mereka kepada orang-orang yang penting bagi mereka dengan tindakan – pasangan mereka sebaiknya tidak mengharapkan deklarasi cinta yang romantis.

sumber : ipersonic

English version :

"Reliable Realists are down-to-earth and responsible-minded. They are precise, reserved and demanding. Their most prominent quality is reliability and they will always make every effort to keep any promise given. Reliable Realists are more quiet and serious persons, they do not talk a lot but they are good listeners. They sometimes seem reserved and distant to outsiders although they often have a great deal of wit and esprit. Their strong points are thoroughness, a marked sense of justice, doggedness bordering on pigheadedness and a pragmatic, vigorous and purposeful manner. Reliable Realists do not dither about if something has to be done. They do what is necessary without wasting words.

This personality type not only expects a lot of himself but also of others. Once Reliable Realists have set their mind on something, it is difficult to persuade them otherwise. They do not like to leave anything to chance. Planning means safety to Reliable Realists, as well as order and discipline. They have no problem respecting authorities and hierarchies but do not like to delegate tasks. They are certain that others would not deal with them as conscientiously as they do. In management positions, they are very task-oriented - they make sure that things are well done; however, they do not have a great deal of interest in personal contacts at work.

As a Reliable Realist you belong to the introverted personality types. You don’t appreciate too much commotion around you preferring to work relatively independently of others. You need to give yourself plenty of time to work in peace and deal with your projects thoroughly and intensely. Your ability to concentrate is exceptionally high and if you are interested in something you can truly immerse yourself forgetting everything around you. Very strongly team-oriented professional fields, or employment where your concentration is continuously disturbed, or your work is disrupted, are not really for you. It is just too important to you to complete your projects really well.

One or two colleagues who are on your wavelength or possibly a small group of like-minded colleagues are the most you need. Too many people are stressful to you because the emotionality and irrationality that comes with interpersonal relationships tends to disturb you. You are reserved when revealing yourself, and often have the effect of being aloof.

Sometimes, and although it may not be your intention, you even convey the impression of being dismissive to the people around you. The continuous locker room and water cooler banter enervate you more than anything else. For you, work is work, and you feel that private matters don’t really belong there. When you choose your profession, watch out that you are not made to adjust to and interact with others around the clock.

Reliability is your middle name. Whoever hands you a project can rest assured that it will be handled diligently and delivered on time. The thought not to keep a promise or a commitment on time is total horror to you. Therefore, it is important to you to be in an environment providing smooth working conditions where you receive consistent and predictable feedback about your efforts. Clear and definite objectives, and the assurance that the necessary resources for your activities will be available, are a must.

You can’t stand improvisation, short-term changes of plans, and last minute rush. You are a master at organized planning and proceed very purposefully with everything you do. You are driven up the wall if something unforeseen throws your careful calculations into disarray. You want everything within the purview of your responsibility to run smoothly, so that it can be dealt with one after the other. Professional environments where it is impossible to plan from one day to the next, requiring continuous flexibility, are not your thing. You can deal with a sudden adjustment, but please, not too frequently! A daily life in uncertainty, not knowing if you would be able to deliver a performance meeting your high demands, is not for you.

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