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Sarasvatī (सरस्वती)


Sarasvatī is Risa Saraswati, a new aspiring singer/song writer who pursue a solo career using her Sanskrit name, Sarasvatī (सरस्वती). 

Such divine passion towards knowledge, art, and particularly music, is conveyed through songs and lyrics, with passages after passages, words by words Risa shares her eternal experience of pursuing happiness, with you.

Her spiritual journey, her quest for perfection, and many simple, negligible, unimportant whatnot. 

This is Sarasvatī. Enjoy the truthful music from Risa Saraswati.
Genre: Angelic-Diabolical-Eerie-Unconventional



wuihh emangg dasyatt jayaa nihh make up nya.. BILUR!
teh risa makan bakso - ternyata dia jadi PNS uyy skrg..

track list that i must go listen about sarasvati :
01.Story of Peter
02.Cut and paste
04.Fighting Club
06.Oh I Never Know

Keluarga besar SARASVATI
Sarasvati is a pseudonym for a solo act from Risa Saraswati, an aspiring singer/song writer who pursue a solo career using her Sanskrit name, Sarasvati. She resides in Indonesia, where the cutting-edge scene is currently evolving to become a new powerhouse in South East Asia. 

“Ethereal and dreamy soundscapes,” her music is noted by one of Indonesian leading newspaper, The Jakarta Post, in which hailed Sarasvati as a new potential talent within the cutting edge scene. Previously known as the lead singer of an Indonesian Electronic pop-Band, Homogenic, Sarasvati released her debut EP in July 2010, titled “Story of Peter.”

In 2003, with two fellow band-mate, Risa Saraswati established Homogenic, an electronic Pop group that took the name of one of Bjork’s album in 1997. The band joined FFWD records, a well-established non-mainstream label in Indonesia, which released artists such as The S.I.G.I.T., Mocca (band), and Hollywood Nobody. 

In 2009, for an undisclosed reason, Risa decided to leave the band and pursue a solo career using “Sarasvati” as a moniker, a Sanskrit name that represents one of the deity in Hinduism. In 2010, Sarasvati released a debut EP, “Story of Peter.” 

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